Sensei-Fluty-ShomenMatt Fluty Sensei began Aikido training in 1990 in Stockton, CA under the instruction of John Smartt Sensei. From 1991 to 1995 Matt was engaged in a rigorous teacher apprenticeship program that was made available to committed students who endeavored to share their passion and understanding of Aikido through teaching. At the heart of the teacher apprenticeship program was the mission to develop responsible teachers who in addition to having a deep knowledge of Aikido practice, were able to express and exemplify the core principles of Aikido though their actions, on and off the mat. Throughout his apprenticeship, Matt engaged daily in a myriad of Aikido and Aikido-related practices including keiko (training on the mat), the study of Aikido history, philosophy and cosmology, as well as meditation and healing arts. After a period of four years of deep immersion that culminated in the completion of his teacher apprenticeship, Matt was awarded a teaching certification from Smartt Sensei. In 1995, Matt relocated to Sacramento, California and created a dojo that is today Aikido Center Sacramento. Since becoming a full time Aikido sensei, Matt has had the great opportunity to practice Aikido not only as a personal endeavor, but also as a leader of a community of people aspiring to make manifest the profound principles of Aikido as taught by Ueshiba Morihei O Sensei. Matt Sensei continues to practice both home and abroad with many accomplished Aikido Sensei, including Peter Shapiro Sensei of Bern, Switzerland, Anno Motomichi Sensei and Tasaka Mitsuo Shihan of the Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan, the dojo of the late Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei 10th Dan. Matt Fluty is the dojo-cho and chief instructor of Aikido Center Sacramento. He has been a full time Aikido instructor since 1994, and currently holds the Aikido rank of Yondan.