About us

Dojo (Place of the Way), is a beautiful and vibrant home for a community of practitioners passionately practicing Aikido as a path of peace and harmony.  Its purpose is to provide a sacred space for the sincere and committed study of Aikido in alignment with the principles and teachings of Aikido’s founder, Ueshiba Morihei O Sensei (1883 – 1969).  

In the Dojo, Aikido students of all ages cultivate awareness and respect for themselves, training partners, and the dojo environment. Focus is placed on the development of one’s character, which is reflected in the very way a person moves in the world. While practicing Aikido, students maintain the awareness that by cultivating respect, gratitude and awareness of our relational impact while practicing in the dojo, great steps are being made to integrate Aikido principles in one’s life.

Aikido Center Sacramento is located in Midtown Sacramento, on 21st Street between Broadway and X Streets.

Our dojo history

begins in January of 1995 in a small location next to Beers Books, across from Capital Park on L & 15th Streets. With a couple months paid rent and eight 5×10 portable training mats, Matt Sensei embarked on his journey to bring Aikido to Midtown/Downtown Sacramento.  Within the first couple months, the dojo had 20 training students, and by the end of 1995 our community had grown to 40 members.  In the early days of the dojo there was an intense commitment from the students and Sensei to build a dojo community that would thrive into the future.  It was an exciting time where everyone had the feeling of building and being a part something positive and special. 

For the first half of 1996, Aikido Center Sacramento offered classes at Sierra 2 Center and at a building off of 44th avenue. In August of 1996 we found our permanent location at 21st Street, between Broadway and X Street.  The dojo went from a 1000 square foot space on L Street, to 2400 square feet on 21st Street.  With the increase in mat space at 21st Street, the dojo community within a year, doubled in size from 40 to 80 full time training students (including children). 

Since 1995, Matt Sensei has had the honor and privilege of teaching Aikido to the fine people of the greater Sacramento area.  Aikido Center Sacramento’s community of practitioners serve as positive role models dedicated to peace and non-violence.

In November of 2016, Aikido Center Sacramento moved into its current location at 2409 21st Street.  
We welcome you to visit and experience the dojo.