Sensei-Fluty-ShomenMatt Fluty Sensei began Aikido training in 1990 in Stockton, CA under the instruction of John Smartt Sensei, Founder of New School Aikido. From 1991 to 1995 Matt  engaged in a rigorous teacher apprentice program offered to students who endeavored to share their passion and understanding of Aikido through teaching. Throughout his apprenticeship, Matt engaged daily in Aikido and Aikido-related studies including Aikido training, Aikido history, philosophy and cosmology, as well as meditation and healing arts. After a period of four years of deep immersion that culminated in the completion of his teacher apprenticeship, Matt was awarded a teaching certification from Smartt Sensei. In 1995, Matt relocated to Sacramento, California and founded a dojo that is today Aikido Center Sacramento. Matt Sensei continues to practice Aikido both home and abroad, and is a member of Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan, the dojo of the late Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei 10th Dan.  He is a direct student of Peter Shapiro Sensei of Bern, Switzerland, and Tasaka Mitsuo Shihan of Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan. Matt Fluty is the dojo-cho and Chief Instructor at Aikido Center Sacramento and Tahoe Mountain Aikido. He has practiced and taught Aikido for over 30 years, and currently holds the Aikido rank of Yondan.